Project Measurability

We aim at generating measurable results in order to not only provide transparency for our project work, but also an objective measure of quality. In doing so we do not apply theoretical models to determine the monetary improvements. In fact, we base our results on actual cost savings reflected in the P & L of our clients.
For more than 12 years OPC has conducted projects with varying emphasis, but always with the focus on achieving quantifiable improvements. After deductions for all consulting fees, we have realized an average of 1.5 Mil. Euros of financial improvements per project for our clients.

Project Structure

Our projects are not angled at short-term cost savings, but rather in the direction of sustainable long-term results improvements, even after completion of our project assignment.
In order to obtain the necessary openness for change, our projects are scheduled over a longer period of time and fewer consultants. With an average duration of 6-8 months and a team of 2-3 consultants, our clients will not be overburdened by the project.
The clear advantage: Besides the project, our clients can accomodate day-to-day business as well. Subsequent improvements already become visible during the period of the project, and will create a readiness to maintan the changes.