Career Steps

 OPC focuses on long-term employee commitment. For this reason we place an emphasis on the development of the individual, as well as the job satisfaction of our employees.

Our Employee Bonus Plan enables employees to participate from our success even at an entry consultant level. Based on the individual abilities and requirements of our employees, this system provides a long-term perspective. At the center of the OPC development path lies the promotion of entrepreneurial thinking and acting through active participation in the company success. A gradual involvement in the development and structure of our organization takes place with increasing seniority.

When reaching partner level, a new role as entrepreneur within the organization will unfold. With higher seniority, the OPC Bonus Plan involves an increasing level of variable compensation as part of the total compensation package.

At OPC you will not be confronted with an elbow mentality, but rather embraced by a supportive environment, which forms the basis for successful and collaborative project work. We offer each and every employee the possibility to fulfill his or her individual career vision as a basis for long-term cooperation.

Our philosophy works along the lines of “perform or out” rather than “up or out”. Employees are not expected to constantly move up the career ladder. Besides providing job satisfaction for our employees, we at OPC want them to perform well within their respective function. It is each employee’s individual choice, how far up he or she wants to move along the OPC career ladder.