Profound and not Superficial

  • OPC analyses aim at gaining a detailed and holistic understanding of the organizational structure and the workflow processes.
  • Because of our high profile on-site, OPC analyses do justice to the actual processes within the organization.
  • Our analyses provide an impartial view of all hierarchies within the organization.

Customer-specific and not Out Of The Box

  • OPC does not take a standardized approach, but preferably adjusts its methods of analyses according to the customer- and project-specific requirements.
  • Realistic improvement scenarios are depicted by active involvement of the client's staff during the analysis.


Pragmatic and not Theoretical

  • OPC develops target-oriented concepts.
  • Our strength lies in the generation of feasible and pragmatic solutions for a fast and target-oriented implementation.

Exhaustive and not Short-Lived

  • OPC projects ensure sustainable improvements in the company's results.
  • By applying focused change management, we involve the client’s staff in the change process, thereby ensuring long-term acceptance.

Realistic and not Exaggerated

  • OPC defines ambitious, but at the same time realistic targets, in agreement with the management.
  • Generated ideas and concepts focus on the actual requirements of the organization.
  • Rather than developing complex concepts, OPC concentrates on implementable solutions, which can be applied in practice.
  • OPC supports and actively accompanies the implementation of jointly agreed concepts and solutions.


Cooperative and not Isolated

  • OPC demands constructive and dedicated cooperation in order to generate the most effective implementation alternatives.
  • OPC provides the necessary flexibility and sensitivity for the project.
  • Our work approach involves those affected in the process.

Transparent and not Obscure

  • Precise project targets
  • Open communication and continuous orientation for everybody involved
  • Support during implementation phase
  • Monitoring of all measurable results