Our clients are constantly facing new challenges. Be it by the integration of newly acquired business, a necessary consolidation, or the expansion of a successful business line. We have developed our core competence specifically in the area of restructuring, and have applied this competence during successful projects to the advantage of our clients.

Many companies express reservations against external consultants with regards to restructuring issues. Understandably so, because restructuring is often associated with downsizing or reductions. Although in reality, restructuring pertains to adequate and fair structures which contribute towards the long-term existence of the company and people's jobs.

Long-term profitability improvements realized short-term

For years we have primarily serviced medium-sized companies or corporations with medium-sized company structures.

Our approach: We always focus on the key cost and sales drivers within the organization. Together with our clients, we developed solutions in accordance with their corporate strategy, and which are foremost measurable.

Our goals: Sustainable sales growth, cost reductions and optimized capital employed. Realistic and pragmatic solutions are OPC's strength.